Friday, February 22, 2013

Prodigal blogger returns.

It's been almost a year since I visited this space.
Life's been full and busy and though I compose beautiful and thoughtful blog posts within my own head space, they rarely ever make it into my pixellated palace.

This year I decided to scale things back a little.
Not an easy thing to do when I long to rush head first into every and all endeavors.
But one must be a realist sometimes. 

Last years experiment in unschooling was a complete bust for us.
Although I sometimes fantasise about the somewhat quirky and edgy idea of being completely child lead and unconventional in our educational approach, the lack of materials at the end of the year for reporting purposes quickly highlights how terrible this philosophy is for this family.

We need structure. We crave it. I am a list girl. As I type I have several lists beside me and a few more being collated in my head. I tip my hat to all those families out there who make unschooling work. It's back to our eclectic mix of traditional, literature based, unit study, natural learning hodgepodge.

So now, having recently relocated interstate yet again, I am busy preparing my registration for Home Education. At least now I am down to two formally registered children as my oldest is of school leaving age and so whilst she is still being home educated, I don't have supply my curriculum and reports for her. (She's currently working part time and thinking deeply about what she wants to be when she grows up. Heaven forbid she be like her mother who only figured it out at 36.)

I have scaled working back to one day a week. (I need something that is just for me. My job is it.)

So I should probably get back to it. Curriculum doesn't write itself.