Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting my Suzy on.

My youngest son really wants to be a chef.

He loves to help out in the kitchen and every now and then I even let him lose in there without too much interference supervision from me.  (He makes kick ass chocolate chip biscuits) So in the interest on helping him look the part, I recently got my suzy on and made him some stuff.

Now I am not the best seamstress going. In fact my perceived ability is often much greater than my actual ability.  But I did manage to knock up a few things. (It's taken me a week to summon the courage to attempt making the chefs hat. )

With many thanks to the awesome six and a half stitches, I managed to make these....(with my own twist. )

(mine aren't nearly as good as the ones made by six-and-a-half-stitches)

(This I just kind of drew free hand) 

I got the pattern for this here. If I had my time over I would choose different fabric. Spotlight had a very crap selection, so I ended up using curtain material that is rubber backed. (Good for the apron, not so much for the mitts and hat) I made sure it was fire resistant. (Don't want it melting on him.)  But it did make the hat a lot more fiddly and difficult than it should have been.  I look forward to making him another set with friendlier fabric, that he actually likes. He's not really into butterflies. And florals. Which was all there was to choose from at the time. 

The end result?


  1. this is INSANELY cute! congrats you clever woman!

  2. Well, the boy is massively cute... atm I chalk it up to luck, if I manage to replicate this and do it neater...then I'll definitely claim the clever title!

    (Thanks for dropping by.)