Friday, March 18, 2011

I can't believe it's not a post....

I have the brain fuzz today.

The News with Nipples asked us to play along with her inner artist. I would love to oblige, really I would if not for a couple of leetle problems.

Firstly, I can't draw. With or without a mouse. Actually, that's not entirely true. I can draw a hairy vagina wearing boots that I call Puss-in-boots. but that doesn't exactly describe my day in pictures.

Secondly, I am woefully inept when it comes to technology. I shit you not. Here's how inept I am. Do Macs even have a paint type program? And if so where the frack do I find it?

So in leiu of me inflicting my stick figures on the Internets, I present for you a portrait.

Meet Tosis. Our Rabbit. This is my sons drawing of him that he did yesterday during his "Go nuts" hour where I tell my children to just go nuts and create, explore, do something of interest.  (And yes our rabbits' name is Tosis, short for myxomatosis. ) 

so there you go Nips. A pic for your game. 


  1. Tosis is fabulous! I love the idea of a "go nuts" hour.

    Can't help with the Mac problem though. But the beauty of mouse drawing is that it's shit and that's the point.

  2. I am often impressed with my sons drawings of animals. (He did an eel last year that was qiute good. I mean the kids not you know, the next great thing in art, he loathes colouring, which is why all his pictures are in lead pencil, but he has ability. Much like his Dad)

    Go nuts hour is fun. My other son spent his hour designing his dream house. He had to go back and add another floor because he remembered he wanted kids someday and thought they'd like a floor dedicated to dart tag.

    I love the shit pictures created with computer mouses. (Is mice the correct term when talking tech?) Alas, mine go beyond shit. It ends up looking my sons pictures from when he was four and everything he drew was a 'blue rock'. (Even when it was a red scribble or a green one, the picture was still a blue rock)

  3. Aaahahahah that reminds me of a pic Oisin drew in preschool - it was this big scribble with spikes and dots all over it.
    "What's that?" I asked, 'Can you tell me about your drawing?"
    Oisin said, 'It's a big spiky bush and long grass, with a cat camouflaged in it."
    'Oh,' says I, 'And where is the cat hiding?"
    'Not HIDING,' says Oisin indignantly, 'CAMOUFLAGED!....and you can't see it anyway. Because it's camouflaged."

  4. Well, D'Uh the cat was CAMOUFLAGED! That's just so gorgeous.

    One day I will scan all the pics I have saved. After watching them be terribly hurt when a picture was removed from the fridge or the wall, we decided that only the best pieces (and they got to determine the best ones, unless it was something we truly loved. I believe the man still has the picture of the Little Mermaid the girl child drew him when she was 3. He keeps it in his briefcase.)

    So I made a folder and now all the best stuff gets stuck in there. They love looking back at their work and how without the caption, they would have no idea what the hell it was they had drawn.