Sunday, October 23, 2011

gratuitous weekend recap

Now that the weather is warming up and the football season is done and dusted, we spend a lot more time outdoors.  This weekend the girl child and I did a lot of walking while the rest of the family went fishing round the lake.

We started off around the Lake nearest our home were we came across a family of swans out for a walk...

The one closest to us started to run and the girl child for getting a little too close!

A little further down the track we met graffiti artist Joe, who was busy at his trade. This is his incomplete work....hopefully we'll get to see the completed picture on our next walk around the lake!

We decided to go out the river.  But it was the heat of the day and carp don't really bite much when it's hot.  Still, the oldest boyling managed to hook this one.

We had a jammed packed weekend.
So happy it's monday and I can finally relax!

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