Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holidays over back to the grind.

Well, not that my version of grind is really grinding at all.

We've spent a fabulous month just existing as a family.  Fishing trips, bush walks, fierce xbox 360 Kinect competitions (I swear, I will beat the man in a sprint race eventually. My mistake was that I beat him first go and showed him how to run correctly for the game... *sigh*)
But I do believe I have the Kinect Ten Pin Bowling Trophy in the bag.

Our time spent down the coast was wonderful, but I did miss my ed and my garden that is spewing up all kinds of wonderful things to eat.  (I will post pics soonish, haven't taken any of the garden and my hay fever has reached such astronomical levels as to render me incapable of talking normally I couldn't be bothered to do it today. I keep losing my voice, much to everybody else's amusement)

So internet time is still sporadic as I finalise schooling plans for this term, get the dishwasher fixed (which judging from the telephone call I got today I am a little sceptical about whether or not 'Donna' logged my job properly.)  get some reading time in and you know just the general everyday stuff we women do that men never even have to think about!

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