Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We spent New Year at Bermagui this year.  (We usually spend some part of the Christmas holiday season in Bermagui, when we are posted close enough to that is.)

Anyone who has ever spent time in Bermagui will have also spent some time in Central Tilba. I love Tilba. And not just because this is the best cheese ever, or because it's shops are quaint and beautiful and the smell of the ocean drifts lightly on the air or because you can find delightful sleepy friends in doorways but because the place is just so green and lush and beautiful. Even on a day when the street is overflowing with tourists and you'd expect it to be all loud and bothersome, there is a peacefulness, a calm and the cheese. Did I mention the cheese?  Oh sweet Lord the cheese. (Fighting urge to run to fridge and cut up some must last until march. Dammit.)

One of my other favourite things is cemeteries.
I have often marvelled how a place full of silence and death is so rich with life. Every grave, every mound, every stone, every marker, they all tell a story. And the Tilba cemetery, well, it's just beautiful.
We took the girl child so she could pics that she could then use to draw, paint, sketch with. She hasn't started yet but I can't wait to see her finished products.

Tilba really is a beautiful place....

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